Here’s to a Sparkling 2018: A Bonanza of Bubbles

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Sparkling wine time is here. And I’m late to the party. My apologies. We’re a tad backed up here in the executive suite at Hired Belly HQ. Plus most of the staff has been down with the flu... Sparkling has evolved. These days—from Cava to Sekt, Prosecco, Crémant (and, yes, Champagne) you can pretty well [...]

Britagne: The ‘Champagne’ of British Bubble

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Cava, Proseccco, Spumante, Sekt, Cap Classique.  There’s no end of monikers for effervescent efforts that mimic Champagne—even if in Canada we’ve yet to come up with our own handle beyond, truly riveting, ‘Methode Traditionelle.’  The fact is: Champagne and sparkling wine sales are booming just about everywhere. That’s good news for consumers, who are benefiting [...]

A Clutch of Valentine Wines

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Haywire Pink Bub sets the mood Roses are red Violets are blue But what would you think If we drank only pink? The Hired Belly has been busy checking his Valentine 's shopping list, and pondering just which wines might be best to go along. We’re tempted to throw caution to the wind [...]

10 Fizzy Faves for the Holidays: Hired Belly’s Best Bubbles

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Champagne flutes await at Cornucopia Bubbles forever!    © Tim Pawsey photo  Over here at HB's swank, granite and glass adorned, soaring corporate HQ, we’ve been busy popping a few corks, drafting our list of go-to holiday bubbles. Sparkling wines (and Champagne for some a few  most occasions) are a must-have this time of year. [...]

Pop! Goes Prosecco

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From the ‘everything old is new again’ department comes this nifty little (200 ml.) bottle of Prosecco that has us thinking back a decade, to when Pommery Champagne launched Pop!—the cute mini-bottle that came complete with a straw, so you could look really trendy. (Of course the fact that sucking bubble through a [...]

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