The View's Hail Mary white blend. More than just a wing and a prayer

The View’s Hail Mary white blend. More than just a wing and a prayer

Yesterday’s BC Bloom spring release tasting yielded up a wealth of wines, especially in the category of decent white blends, which I’m gearing up for summer. (We also judged a whole bunch of them at the All Canadian Wine Championships last week. Once I’ve finished sorting through the results I’ll get to those too.) Once in a while they come with a pretty good story too, such as The View’s aptly named Hail Mary.

I asked The View’s always vivacious president Jennifer Molgat to explain just what’s behind the name…



So there you have it.  Homegrown Riesling with not too far away Muller Thurgau (which is much easier to drink than say). The result is an easy sipping, offish dry but not sweet, citrus, tropical and lightly floral blend with a crisp end that’s perfect to launch into (a hopefully hail-free) summer,  $16.40 89 pts.

I think the View, in many ways, epitomizes what’s so cool about smaller wineries, who happily chart their own course and don’t flinch to do things differently. They’re one of just a few (three) BC wineries who grow Pinotage, plus they have a lot of fun with their marketing.

Have a look here and you’ll see what I mean!