Here’s a quick clip (just over a minute) of Nicolas Jaboulet talking about his good value, (non-appellation) Vin de France – Maison Nicolas Perrin Syrah-Viognier 2011, made in partnership with the Perrin family: He explains what’s behind the blend and what each part contributes.  (Actually, I love the way he says “syrahviognier”, as if it’s all one word, as it really underscores just how entrenched the idea of Côte Rôtie is in Northern Rhone wine culture.)



This is a perfect food wine—especially if you’re tired of overblown, sweet commercial styled reds.  It’s well balanced, fresh and fruity up front but nicely grippy on the palate, blue and black fruit wrapped in easy tannins,  followed by distinctly mineral and peppery notes.

I like that it’s so up front and approachable yet has some serious substance—that makes you want to run out and buy some flank steak or maybe zip by Les Amis du Fromage for something blue and smoky. And yes, as he says, if you chill it a bit, it will taste “even better.”

Right now you can find it in BC at private wine stores: $22-ish 89 pts.

Oh, and we’re working on that iPhone focus thing. And looking for our dedicated mic… All in good time.

Good value Syrah-Viognier. And unicorns to boot ...

Good value Syrah-Viognier. And unicorns to boot …