BC Spot Prawns—in season for just about eight weeks – Tim Pawsey photo

This is the time of year (May through June) when the whole of Vancouver (and just about everywhere else on the BC coast) goes crazy for Spot Prawns. That should come as no surprise. Get ‘em fresh off the boat (daily at the False Creek Public Fish Sales Dock—just past 1st. Ave. and Fir St.); cook ‘em as little as possible (if at all …).

And serve.

(With apologies to our east coast friends), you may just wonder why you’d ever bother with lobster again.

Fisherman Steve Johansen scoops up another pound, Tim Pawsey photo

Steve Johansen (the fisherman behind Organic Ocean) can be widely credited with boosting the fortunes of this superb crustacean, along with the indefatigable BC Chef’s Table Society, that celebrates the season’s opening early in May with an outdoor cook-up courtesy of several of the city’s top toques.

Plus, if you join the society you’ll qualify for a small discount on every pound you buy. Now that’s worth the price of admission alone!

No question: Spot Prawns are the obvious sustainable alternative to farmed Tiger prawns.