My dear friend Elaine Savoie is a remarkable woman and very gifted artist (as well as a kick-ass organic gardener) who paints (among many things) wonderfully offbeat icons—ever so slight variations on the traditional Middle Ages style, inspired by her Catholic upbringing.

Elaine Savoie with edible bouquet, Tim Pawsey photo

Her work is extraordinarily detailed, vivid and full of life.

… Just like she is.

Recently she presented me with ‘St. Timothy, Patron Saint of Food & Wine’. It’s oil on board, about 6 x 8 ins …

A new avatar, perhaps?

We’ve been called a lot of things in our time, but never before beatified.

You can see more of her icons here,

And read more about her here

Elaine also undertakes commissions—iconic and otherwise.

Meanwhile, we’ll be off to polish our halo