Inside the Marani Forni oven at Red Card: on fire for the World Cup - Tim Pawsey photo

We’ll be honest. When it comes to watching sports, we’re one of the first to jump on the proverbial bandwagon. We don’t have time to watch much in the way of TV, so whether it’s ice-hockey, football or championship tiddlywinks there’s just one rule: don’t bother—except for a playoff game or other serious showdown.

That said, seeing as we’re planning on catching at least a couple of World Cup Soccer matches, one place we’ll head back to is Red Card, the sassy new sports bar add-on at Moda Hotel.

Red Card server Leila brings a West Coast pizza right from the oven

Two reasons: a decent range of beers (and wines) to appeal to all tastes; and good food that puts this place way above your average pub. And smart service too.

At the heart of this newbie is its big time Italian Marana Forni pizza oven—which is kind of like the Ferarri of pizza ovens.

West Coast smoked salmon and capers pizza - Tim Pawsey photo

When it comes to soccer, who you root for tends to dictate where you go. The Spanish will pack in to Café Barcelona, the Portuguese to the Portuguese Club. The Italians like Avanti’s Pub. There’s usually a pretty good British contingent at the Fox & Firkin; and the Germans flock to the Alpen Club .. and the list goes on.  There’s no shortage of spots.

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