Been a bit churlish, we have, of late towards BC’s beloved burger-monger and family resto chain White Spot—due mainly to the presence of its large chicken mascot on BC Ferries the other weekend. (White Spot supplies a portion of BC Ferries food requirements…)

Somebody in the Twitterverse took offence when we suggested (in jest) the mascot should walk the plank—as the tweet somehow vanished.

Anyway, now it’s time to kiss and make up, especially as the long-running chain unveils its Celebrate BC menu and new, 100 percent BC – VQA wine list on July 16th, at all its outlets.

Is that such a big deal?

We think it is. White Spot is a major hang-out for locals but also for tourists, who for years have been tricked into drinking the nefarious Cellared in Canada wines, passed off all too easily (often by servers who honestly don’t know any better) as grown in BC wines. And we’re not picking on White Spot here but the major wineries who’ve indulged in the deceit..

Visitors want to try ‘local’ everything—including the wines.

We think’s it’s never too late for the province’s longest running chain—and the one most closely associated with BC—to embrace BC VQA wines.

As for the list itself, it’s not fancy but still pretty smart, with 6 and 9 oz pours, and to the point. It’s also reasonably priced, meaning folks can quaff a $5.99 glass of Peller Estate Family Series VQA Sauv Blanc with their Okanagan Summer salad, or ‘splurge’ on an $8.99 Inniskillin Okanagan Cab Sauv with their burger

Too bad there’s no Riesling on the list.


Now about those ferries. Wonder when we’ll be ‘allowed’ to have wine with our chicken at sea … ***


*** Actually, not such a radical suggestion as you might think. Way back in the days when the CPR still ran a ferry from downtown Vancouver to Nanaimo, one of the prime lures (aside from going under Lions Gate Bridge at sunset) was the onboard bar. I’m surprised BC Ferries haven’t considered introducing wine to the Pacific Buffet, at least. Seems to me it would fit with the whole tourism brand that BCF has been building …

Princess of Vancouver, from “Through Lions Gate,” photo by Ted Czolowski (1966)

Here’s a great shot, courtesy of West Coast Ferries Forum.