6 Good Value Wines to Celebrate Malbec World Day

By |April 4th, 2017|

Malbec is emblematic of Argentina. Every wine region has its own, ‘signature’ wine or style, blend or variety. The Germans remain Riesling champions of the world. Italy’s Veneto lays claim to the uniqueness of apassimento and Amarone. The Chileans still care about Carmenere (though less so, perhaps, these days). And the French have a lock [...]

Argentina: Value and Variety at Every Tier… Taking Malbec to the Next Level

By |October 31st, 2012|

New plantings in Uco, against a stunning backdrop of the Andes draped in fresh snow, Tim Pawsey photo With the apparently unstoppable success of Malbec, Argentina is in the enviable position of having almost too big a hit on its hands. Almost, but not quite. In ‘value-priced’ entry wines, Malbec’s fruit-forward, very approachable [...]

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