Cherry tree redux …

UPDATED, March 17th, 2016

In case you were wondering just how early spring has sprung, here’s ‘my’ cherry tree today, a good two weeks ahead of schedule…

Also, just as I mentioned below, other people were there taking pictures.

I love this cherry tree, which at some point suffered a catastrophic injury that broke its trunk.


I don’t know what it is but this cherry tree down the street has me in its power.

I took this shot the other night in anticipation of the blossoms that will soon obscure its tangled branches. It still has that kind of spooky Halloween look. But that will all be gone in a couple of weeks, lost in a puffy canopy, a parasol that only nature could design.

cherry tree1

Every year I look at it in wonder. I revere it as much as for as its impossible beauty in bloom as for its ability to survive, and spring ever outwards from its truncated stump.

Who knows what catastrophe befell it? But someone had the heart to leave it there to give us years more pleasure.

I’m not the only one who’s smitten. As I was trying to frame the shot on my phone, a woman stopped to tell me how she too is always in awe.

Funny how nature has a way of keeping us sane.

UPDATED: And here it is today!

Both tree and I are still here, one year later. And it looks even more gorgeous …

Cherry tree, Vancouver

West End cherry, 2014