Il GiardinoIl Giardino, Umberto’s much lamented restaurant, which he closed last spring to make way for redevelopment, may well resurface just up the street.

It appears that once Umberto realised just how much Il Giardino really meant to people he wasted little time in seeking out a new home for his flagship, long running room.

I’ve been holding off posting about this as things were (are?) still being finalised but now it looks fairly certain (as  reports are everywhere) that Il Giardino could indeed rise again, in the nearby space formerly occupied by Mona’s and most recently by IK2Go (Italian Kitchen) to go.

I’ve been waiting to talk to Umberto for some weeks now after former right hand man Bobby Copiak confirmed to me that Umberto had been working on the project “for months.”

There were some comments on CBC this week and now Business in Vancouver reports that a deal is in the works.

Menghi was looking to buy the premises just up the street (all you have to do is reverse the last two digits), subject to the city licensing the patio. The space had been under the Glowbal Group’s wing as IK2GO, Italian Kitchen’s take out. But I believe everything starts to swing into action as of Feb 1. I was informed that a spring opening (maybe May 1) is planned. We shall see…

All the various hoops now seem to have been jumped through, although according to BIV there are still city hall details to finalise. However, it does look as if Il Giardino (or something similar) will indeed rise again.

At the time, Copiak told me that people were already sending him requests for reservations. And I can well believe it.




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