Frank Deiter, BC's winningest distiller, with his celebrated Canados, Tim Pawsey photo

Frank Deiter—the man who kick-started modern craft distilling in BC, and mentored to several other successful start-ups (including Victoria Spirits)—is launching a new venture. However, he’ll also stay closely connected to the trade he loves.

Frank’s a firm believer in making the most of what we have, in every way possible.

This is what he told us, a couple of years ago, about his philosophy towards distilling:

“Canada is so rich in raw materials—and fruit is one of our best. But all too often we don’t add value, as (except for a few fruit wineries) there’s really no industry beyond the fresh fruit market. So I like to think of distilling as adding value…”

Frank is one of the more creative and determined business people we’ve met. You have to be to succeed in the way that he has, despite working in one of the most bureaucratically suffocated and over-taxed industries around.

Here’s the announcement in full:

Vernon, September 9, 2011:  Frank Deiter who founded Okanagan Spirits Distilling announced today he has resigned as President and Master Distiller of the Company to pursue other interests in the craft distilling industry as an independent consultant and instructor in the art of Craft Distilling.

Deiter, founded Okanagan Spirits in 2004 for the purpose of distilling fruit brandies in a little known industry here in Canada and quickly gained international recognition as a Master Distiller with his products.

Since 2004 Deiter has worked together with Mueller Pot Stills, one of the leading pot still manufacturers in Germany, and will now represent Mueller in the North American market selling and handling their products into this growing craft distilling market. .

This coming October – in time for the apple season in BC Frank will introduce yet another new venture to the public:  The “Mobile Juice Factory”, a service to orchards as well as the public by turning their own fruit into their own juice using a totally sealed bag in a box concept. This is another initiative designed to encourage local trade and establishing another link in the value chain of agricultural products here in the Okanagan.

Okanagan Spirits continues in the same location with many well established, and fine products available at liquor distribution outlets throughout Canada.