—John Schreiner’s latest Okanagan wine guide

If anyone’s even thinking about opening a new winery in BC, chances are John Schreiner knows about it.

Schreiner’s Okanagan Wine Tour Guide—edition no. 3—comes out May 1 (Whitecap $19.99).

If you’re serious about keeping up with BC’s ever changing wine scene, it’s a ‘must have.’

We’ve known and enjoyed traveling with John on occasion for many years—ever since he ‘retired’ from his job with the Financial Post. A thoroughly researched ‘old school’ reporter who leaves no stone unturned, he still manages to inject a personal element into every story while delivering an astounding amount of information. And that, after all, is what wine is all about. Connections: between people and the land; between you and the winemaker who crafts what’s in your glass.

This is the third edition in five years. That alone gives you a sense of just how fast the BC Industry is growing. For example, this printing includes no less than a dozen wineries in the flourishing neophyte Similkameen.

For even more up to date developments, follow John’s blog.

John is a true raconteur who delights in sharing every turn of his journey.

“The scenic and ecological values of British Columbia’s wine regions enrich wine touring immeasurably,” he writes.

So, too, does this latest from the doyen of BC’s commentators.