Chaf Hamid Salimian: on the move TP photo

Chaf Hamid Salimian: on the move TP photo

It’s been only a matter of weeks since we were raving about Chef Hamid Salimian and his remarkable Persian inspired tasting menu at Diva at the Met. But Chef Hamid is on the move.  June 4th, 2013, will be his last day at Diva before he leaves to take up teaching in Culinary Arts at Vancouver Community College.

When I called him to talk about the move he told me he felt after ten years in hotels it was “time for a change.”

“Life is all about renewal,” he says.

There may well have been other reasons for his leaving now. But if there are he’s not saying.

No question that Diva’s (significant) loss is VCC’s gain.  Hamid’s culinary knowledge and appetite for innovation will be a huge asset. But equally welcome will be his warm personality and natural flair for team building. He’s a true “people person.”

One aspect of the restaurant and hospitality business all too often overlooked is the tremendous role played by mentors.  Vancouver owes much of its reputation to a succession of great chefs and restaurateurs who have given selflessly of their time and experience.  And, no question, Hamid is joining VCC at the top of his game—though (we suspect) by no means the peak.

And, if you’re reading this prior to June 4th, you might just want to run right down to Diva and taste why Chef Hamid has recently picked up so many “Chef of the Year” awards and accolades.