I’m thinking of trying something different for this blog: making it more visually driven.

I know some people appreciate the “longer read” which I still occasionally manage. However, judging by the stats, nowadays more people are drawn to imagery than to text. I’m also just as inclined to snap a shot that winds up more promptly on Twitter or Facebook, as opposed to languishing in the ever-expanding giga-gloom of my iPhoto library. And, who knows? Maybe I’ll find time for Pinterest one of these days?

(Even as you read this, cosseted in the executive suite in HB’s corporate HQ high above Lost Lagoon, our entire IT division is working on a dramatic redesign.)

The challenge for me is that it takes a lot more work to come up with a lengthy written piece as opposed to selecting and posting some decent photographs. (Although, sometimes the sheer number of events / products / tastes / brainfarts documented in any given week sometimes often has me wondering where to begin …)

Plus, not to put too fine a point on things, I actually make my living as a writer. Not that images don’t entail a fair degree of time on their own. They do, particularly as I am just a tad obsessive about tweaking my pics!  And they still require some (hopefully) intelligent—make that scintillating—commentary. Anyway, that said, from this point on I will try to post more often, more currently, and more colourfully!

At the same time, I’ll be looking into making things more user friendly, which means going back and re-categorising a bunch of stuff to make it more easily searchable. And who knows what else?  All in good time …

By the way, if you ever want a quick summary of what’s happening— along with a running commentary of brilliant recommendations (with links to this blog where applicable)— check out my RebelMouse aggregator

Now where did I put that Wite-Out?