Just what is Canadian cuisine, anyway?

Here come the Feds to the rescue…
At some ungodly hour yesterday morning, the Ministry of Agriculture threw a breakfast bash featuring some of the country’s top chefs preparing dishes of locally sourced ingredients from across the land.
No seal meat or caribou, though, as the ‘True’ North didn’t seem to be included. Top tastes? Everything from smoked salmon to French Canadian cretons on maple brioche.
Faves? A choice of congee, including seriously good pine mushroom and sliced geoduck with barley, from Daryle Nagata (exec chef, Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver); and mini prime rib-eye steak ‘n eggs (with ever so delicate and perfectly fried quails egg) and a delicious mushroom bread-pudding, from Rémi Cousyn of Calories Café, Saskatoon.
And what else? Some decent sparkling wine to kick things off – in real style –  Sumac Ridge Steller’s Jay.