Moonshine Drinks UK unveils bag in box brewing

Hops in a bag at home? No worries!

Never at a loss to navigate their way around high liquor taxes, the Brits are at it again. This time with the seemingly ingenious and cleverly named Moonshine home brewing bag. Just add water and wait!

I wonder if and when (or if ever) this will show up on our shelves …

Even at 50 percent more (which I’m reckon it would be here, if not more) Moonshine would likely still have a winner.

I’m sure our friendly major Canadian winery owned U-Vin kit suppliers are already taking a close look at this one.

Interestingly enough, under GATT there’s no reason whatsoever why this wouldn’t be allowed in Canada. In fact, its ‘down home’ principals are very close to the original notion of tax-free brewing, as legislators originally intended.

It sounds as if they already have their sights set on us hop-headed Canucks. Plus, wine and cider kits are next.

As for how Moonshine actually tastes? Oh that little issue …


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