UPDATE: Congratulations to Queen of Kale Sharon Hanna! A Tale of Kale—The Book of Kale: The Easy-to-Grow Superfood—won the 2013 Taste  Canada Single Subject Cookbook Award.

“It has real personality and charm and the overall results are delicious.” “The book has integrity, heart and pure deliciousness.” – The jury

Sharon Hanna, Joe Lederer photo

Sharon Hanna, Joe Lederer photo

The Hired Belly has been busy eating his greens—specifically Kale. Part of the reason for this tasty, new, healthy infatuation (aside from the fact it’s so easy to grow) is thanks to The Book of Kale. It’s a  truly handy an all encompassing tome by Sharon Hanna— BC’s reigning Queen of Kale.

If you’re into healthy eating, here’s a book you really can’t afford to be without.  Besides, this leafy green is hot right now, popping up just about everywhere.

The Book of Kale, Harbour Publishing, $26.95

Harbour Publishing, $26.95

Hanna delves deep into its history, which enjoys the cachet (who knew a vegetable could have cachet?) of being one of civilization’s oldest cultivated crops. Even without the extensive line-up of truly well thought out recipes—that range from, naturally, perfect kale chips, to an irresistible ‘Kale Caesar’ salad, scalloped greens with brown butter and sage, and plenty more (all sorted by Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free options)—the author’s approach adds up to a fun but highly informative read. So much so that we’re even thinking of converting our winter window boxes to accommodate a year round crop …

Harbour Publishing $26.95; Kindle edition $9.48.