“When the hybrids were gone and vinifera started producing … the government started smiling … and wine-writers started writing things like, ‘It’s OK!’”   —John Bremmer

Banée Blend 2010, Tim Pawsey photo

South Okanagan Banée honorees John and Lynn Bremmer don’t hold back as they talk about the birth of the modern BC wine industry:

Topics include: the days of de Chaunac, Chelois, ‘infamous’ Okanagan Riesling, the days of 10 to 12 tons an acre, the origins of many now celebrated vineyards, the first farm winery, the ‘Big Freeze’ of 1979, the planting of Inkameep, the Becker Project, Joe Busnardo’s battle with the government to plant vinifera, Free Trade, the first Okanagan Wine Festival … and much more—including the notion of $100 wines and coming water issues.

This 15-minute must-listen adds up to an amusing but relevant history for anyone interested in BC (and other) wines.

Warning: Punctuated with occasional, loud Hired Belly guffaws.